Up on the roof!

Today, we’re talking about things we see by the climbing on the roof. It is vital to get up close and personal with the roof. The only real way to do this it to get up there and walk around. On a rare case this is impossible due to snow, ice, height or pitch. So, what exactly do these roof inspections uncover? Read on!

Some time ago I began the inspection as I usually do by surveying the property and examining the building from a distance taking in the big picture. During this phase I have an opportunity to get a preview of the roof. From a distance and at the angles that were available, this particular roof looked in pretty good condition. The home had new shingles installed 4 years earlier and from every angle on the ground, the roof looked good. Regardless of any perceived condition though I always get on top of the roof to get a close up look. Immediately I noticed the unprofessionally installed valley shingles but then what I discovered after I scrambled up to the peak of the steep roof 30 ft off the ground, will shock you! Take a look at the next photos to reveal a hidden secret…

Crumbling Chimneys
While the odds of being struck by lightning is surprisingly high, with some homes the chance of being hit by falling bricks from a crumbling chimney is much greater! Masonry chimneys can have a tendency to hold moisture within the bricks themselves. This is caused by warm air from the fireplace or heating appliance meeting cold winter air resulting in condensation on and in the bricks. When the bricks have moisture, they will eventually degrade and begin to split as they freeze, called spalling. This is not an uncommon problem but is easily avoided by awareness through regular inspections and subsequent maintenance.

Unknown (& unwanted) visitors
Let’s not forget about those sneaky critters! Roof inspections sometimes reveal the presence of small animals or insects that have found a cozy home up there. While this racoon was particularly determined to get into the attic, they usually find less obvious entries. It is good practice to keep trees pruned so no branches are within 6 feet of the roof. Branches too close to the roof are just toll free highways for these furry fellas to invade your space.

And of course, some beautiful views!

Its interesting how the view of your property from the roof provides a new perspective and can even reveals secrets from above, like septic tank locations or even old buried oil tanks! The inspection report usually includes views of the property as seen from the roof, and sometimes those views are spectacular.

Even if you’re not selling or purchasing a home, you should consider having a maintenance inspection performed every 3-5 years. These inspections help identify potential issues early on, preventing them from turning into costly and extensive repairs… or even dangerous situations!

So, next time you’re getting a home inspection, keep your fingers crossed for a healthy roof, its the first and most important line of defense!

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